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The building Doc's Marina Grill is located in is the last of the old historic working waterfront of Bainbridge Island. It has been many names as a tavern, starting with the Yodeling Oyster to it's current incarnation as a restaurant known as Doc's Marina Grill. There aren't too many of the older generations of Islanders still around, but those who are, fondly remember it as Mac's. The area was sort of Bainbridge Islands Cannery Row.

To ring the bell bought the house a round.  Michel had never bought a round in his life.  This was his chance of a life time.  One of the infamous events at Mac's were the beer fights. There were times when it was wetter inside than outside in the rain.  (Note: The Pub claims to have the original bell from Mac's Tavern but this photo shows clearly that it is different. Sorry Jeff.)Oddly enough Mac's is fondly remembered for a couple of fine dining experiences, the crab and cheddar omelet with hash browns for breakfast and the crab cheddar pita for lunch.  Doc's continues this tradition in a couple of menu items and in their October Crab Fest.

Jerry the Bartender was one of many. Part time artist and lived life large. Met an early end when a car he was riding in raced for the late night ferry, missed the boat and wound up in Davy Jones's locker. Hey, it happened more than once.

Now I know this doesn't exactly belong in a web site for a fine restaurant but read on.  You know how every road side attraction has something special? Come on, you know: Trees of Mystery, a Sealion Cave, Face on the Bar Room Floor, a volcano... well so does Doc's.  See the opening above the urinal? That is actually a giant periscope.  That's right, it is the only one in the world of it's kind and it still exists (although a little more upscale).  You can still savor the experience of many Islanders who have come before, standing there, taking a leak, while soaking up a panoramic view of Eagle Harbor.  Who said we didn't have a sense of culture back then.

Here is the guy (Lee Scott) responsible for the creation at the time of it's inception.. A Carnagie Melon design graduate. (Ladies, the staff will be happy to clear the room so you to can view this historical monument.)For more of Mac's Tavern history visit
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